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Finnialla is a multifaceted weirdo specializing in trash stories found in stores with blacked-out curtains and left in Denny’s parking lots at 2 a.m. They create queer television, garbage poetry, and pulp novels that center around outcasts with stories others consider low brow.

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Jan 21st. - Made zine, shrine, and bookbug pages. Added graphics. Completed art page.

Jan 30th. - Moved graphics to own website. Updated mobile site.

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DARK COMEDY | The freaks, weirdos, and losers group in a Christian Fundamentalist Summer Camp are trying to get out of whatever stupid activity their counselors came up with when stumble across the body of the most popular camper, Heather. Enlisting the help of the camp cook Steven and a local teenager/deejay Riley, the kids uncover the secrets of the town and hopefully find the killer, who might be closer than they think.


LIMITED DARK COMEDY | When Lucas' father dies unexpectedly of a heart attack and his wish of being cryogenically frozen seems to go unnoticed, Lucas proceeds to steal his father’s body and make his own facility in a shed in his backyard with unwilling help of his fiancé and his shop assistant, Sophia. However, he doesn't know how much longer he can keep the charade up before the town finds out.


DRAMA | A young and handsome English teacher, Mr. Williams and his new wave ideas resonate with Alice, the new kid at North Delphi High and all of her young upstart classmates. However, what started as a harmless after school club quickly transforms into a commune on the outskirts of town. Now the parents have to save their children before the kids do something they can never take back,
blowing up town hall.


LIMITED DRAMA | When a sex worker dies mysteriously at a run down motel in the desert, the new owner discovers a decades long string of cold cases and deaths that all seem to entangle with her ancestors, the previous owners of the motel. She has to solve what's going on in the present before her families past catches up with her in the future.





MUSING PUBLICATIONS - The Nuances of New Age Feminism (Fall 2022)MESSY MISFITS ZINE - Issue 3: Identity (Fall 2022)THE CREATIVE ZINE - Fall 2022 issueRAT WORLD MAGAZINE - NSFW Valentines zine 2023SPILLOVER MAGAZINE - Issue 3: Anachronism (Spring 2023)SCAB MAGAZINE - Fall 2023 issue




When Angel Lucero is found murdered on the Santa Monica Pier, only one private detective will take his case, Damian Lamont. What looks to be an open and shut murder soon turns into webs of blackmail, drug smuggling, and corruption that could shake Los Angeles to its core. It’s up to Damian to figure out what’s going on before he's the next target on the killer's list.BOOK ONE OF THE DAMIAN LAMONT SERIES


Proceed with caution. viewer discretion advised.


The captain of a NHL team is shaken to his core when his goalie is killed during a playoff game. When a handsome detective comes to solve the case, he can't help but fall in love, but can they prove the captain's innocence when all the leads point to him.



A new transfer at a prestigious boarding school has trouble fitting in until she finds an older student who takes her under her wing. What she doesn't realize is that girl is hiding a secret that could tear the entire school apart.



Two former roller derby teammates have to go against each other as captains at the south Texas regionals. With tensions high, they realize how much in common the two girls have, and how beautiful the other looks when they crash into each other.



A priest has a fall from faith when a local man comes asking for help on his doorstep one night. When he finds out that he’s a satanist, he has to choose between his love in god or a new blossoming love he’s never felt before.




Send me your hyperfixations, get out your deep dark secrets, throw smut my way. I want and enjoy it all.Eat dirt, die forever.










Name: Finnialla (finn-all-uh)

Age: 23 ♡

Pronouns: They/Them

Gender/Sexuality: Non-binary bisexual


Zodiac: Cancer ☼, Virgo ☾, Capricorn ↑

Mood: Sleepy ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )

Currently Listening to: Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees by Dogstar, Everything is a Lot by Will Wood and the Tapeworms, Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon.

Currently Reading: Tired of Winning by Jonathan Karl, Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin, One Last Stop by Casey McQuinston, Men Who Hate Women by Laura Bates

Currently Watching: What's New Scooby Doo?


- I'm a vegetarian

- I was the president of a slam poetry club in college for two years

- I can play the viola and the piano

- I have a horrible sense of direction

- I live off of coffee most days

- I learned how to roller skate at the age of four

- I have both ADHD and Autism

- I am allergic to being in the sun for long periods of time. It's called Polymorphic Light Eruption

- I’m also allergic to mushrooms, myrrh, and pollen

- I love watching silent movies and four hour long Youtube documentaries when I'm working

- I know all the lyrics of All Star by Smash Mouth by heart

- I can tell you what Scooby Doo series or movie a screenshot is from within a minute or less

- I took Irish dance for seven years

- I once got "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy stuck in my head for a month and a half

- I fit into children sized shoes


Colors: Purple and Black

Flower: Daisies

Food: Mac and Cheese

Ice Cream Flavor: S’mores

Fruit: Peaches

Drink: Iced Tea

Season: Fall

Time of Day: Night

Plant: Succulents

Smell: Black Cherries

Animal: Owls

Animal Crossing Character: Isabelle

Bands/Artists: Bad Bunny, The Cranberries, Rage Against the Machine, Dogstar, Will Wood and the Tapeworms, Ghost, Fleetwood Mac, Smash Mouth.

Podcasts: Behind the Bastards, Knowledge Fight, Last Podcast on the Left, Sad Boyz, Very Really Good.

Video Games: Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Splatoon 3.

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Listening to Music, Writing, Making Zines.

Authors: Stephen King, Chuck Tingle, Misha Green, Casey McQuinston.


- Loud noises

- Bright lights

- Mean people

- Strong perfumes and colognes

- The sun

- Having to do math

- NFT's and AI art

- Purity culture

To Do

- What's in my bag?

- Finish Shrines

- Diary/Journal

- Makeup/skincare page?

- Online pen pal club

- Upload pics of pins, patches, earrings and stickers

- Scan Zines

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My Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-5060-6254-7441


I'm the limerick, mired in muck.
I refuse to be bored or get stuck.
   I like to offend,
   But not, in the end,
As much as to thwart expectations.
What Poetry Form Are You?

I'm a Madagascan Burrowing Frog!
Found in the dry, hilly

What color are you?

smoothe river rock

I am a Cubone!

The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to the First Level of Hell - Limbo!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repending Believers)Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)High
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Moderate
Level 7 (Violent)Low
Level 8 - The Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Low
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante Inferno Hell Test

What Is Your Gender Expression?
Your Result: Androgynous
You are between masculinity and femininity. If you are nonbinary, then you've reached the golden center of expression. You casually float in space beyond Mars and Venus. However, don't assume that you need to be perfectly in the middle of expression to be nonbinary. If you are a man or a woman, most people will be cool with it, except for the most conservative ones. Expect a lot of "are you a boy or are you a girl?" from confused onlookers. Enjoy being yourself.
Quite Masculine
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Very Masculine

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What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?
What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?
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The zebra's stripes are known to protect it from blood-sucking insects




𖠪 FUCK TEXTBOOK PRICES - Textbooks should be free for all.𖠪 FUCK ARTICLE PAYWALLS- I'm not paying 10.99 a month to read three articles and neither are you. here you go.𖠪 ANTI SWEATSHOP - You are not a machine. Ask for better pay and safer working conditions.𖠪 INTRO TO MARXISM - Has all the different books on Marxism.𖠪 UNIONIZE YOUR WORKPLACE - A way to start a union at your work.𖠪 NAVAJO WATER PROJECT - Provides clean water for indigenous communities and rallies against pipelines.𖠪 CRUSH CAPITALISM - A comprehensive guide to why capitalism is bad and hurts all of us.𖠪 BLACK LIVES MATTER CARRD - Links, Resources, and ways to help.𖠪 BLM RESOURCES - Even more BLM resources.𖠪 LIBERATION LIBRARY - A bunch of resources on social justice, health, and academia


𖠪 WHERE I LEARNED TO CODE - Go check Madeline out. She has a lot of great suggestions and links. Her website is the one that made me want to make my own.𖠪Coloring pages of Famous Paintings - It's a fun time to color the Mona Lisa as it was meant to look, in bright pink.𖠪 All THE TROPES - Like TV Tropes, but has more.𖠪 PULP MAGAZINE ARCHIVE - A place that archives pulp magazines from the 20's - 50's.𖠪 LESBIAN PULP NOVEL COVERS - If you ever find one, definitely check it out. They're beautiful and terrible.𖠪 THE BEASTIARY - A guide to medieval animals.𖠪 REVERSE GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH - What it says.𖠪 YES NO MAYBE CHART - Explore kinks with your partner(s) in a healthy and communicative way.𖠪 ASPIE TESTS - A comprehensive list of autism tests.𖠪 FEMALE CHRISTIAN MARTYRS - A comprehensive look at female christian martyrs through art and literature.𖠪 EA-NASIR - The world’s oldest complaint letter has a lot cooler history than you might know.𖠪 GHOST TOWNS OF AMERICA - A list of all the ghost towns in America.𖠪 MODERN ILLUSTRATION - An archive of illustrations from the 50’s to the 70’s.𖠪 FANLORE - The Wikipedia of Fanfiction.𖠪 MASTERLIST OF CLOTHING - A huge document of clothing people have worn throughout history.𖠪 COSTUME HISTORY - Another great resource for costume research.𖠪 DIGITAL ART ARCHIVE - Just as it says.𖠪 THE STORY OF EGGPLANT - The true story of a Japanese baseball player.𖠪 OLD BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS - A bunch of public domain book illustrations.𖠪 IKEA CATALOGUES - A complete list of IKEA catalogues from the 50’s onwards.𖠪 BRUTALISM - A site dedicated to brutalism.𖠪 VICTORIAN GREETING CARDS - A collection of Victorian greeting cards I've found all over the internet.𖠪 LETTERFORM ARCHIVE - Thousands of high quality images celebrating graphic design, calligraphy, and typography.𖠪 HISTORIC MENU ARCHIVE - Over 17,000 historic menus.𖠪 PALESTINIAN EMBROIDERY - A bunch of Palestinian embroidery patterns.𖠪 Artvee - More free to use graphics from old books.


𖠪 QUEERING THE MAP - A map of queer people. Know you are not alone.𖠪 QUEER HISTORY - A bunch of articles and facts on queers throughout history.𖠪 QUEER RESOURCES - The GLAAD resources for queer people.𖠪 MORE QUEER RESOURCES - You can never have too many resources.𖠪 LESBIAN VAMPIRE FILM RECS - If there's lesbian vampires, I'm sold.𖠪 AM I A LESBIAN? - A good resource if you’re asking yourself that question.𖠪 QUEER COMICS DATABASE - A bunch of queer comics, all in one place.𖠪 32 Bit Cafe's Pride Zine - A pride zine by many fun people on the internet.𖠪 Pansycore Zine - A beautiful looking queer zine.𖠪 I Want a Dyke for President - This person has a lot of good points.𖠪 QUEER FILM RECS - My list of films.𖠪 QUEER TELEVISION RECS - My list of t.v. shows.


𖠪 Windows 98 Icons - downloadable gif images of windows 98 icons.𖠪 video game death screen generator - Pick the game you want and what you want it to say and there you go.𖠪 PET MEME MAKER - It's to make that pet meme with a persons face.𖠪 MY BELOVED MEME MAKER - It's to make that heart my beloved meme.𖠪 AMONG US EJECTOR MAKER - Make your own among us ejected meme.𖠪 GLITCH TEXT GENERATOR - A website that makes that glitch text seen on Tumblr.𖠪 TEETH: UH MORALITY PLAY - An audio play by my mentor, SuhREEtah. I listened to this when it first came out and fell in love with the storytelling.𖠪 A NICE PLACE - It's just a nice place on the internet.𖠪 MCMANSION HELL - A wonderful site making fun of the monstrosity that are McMansions.𖠪 MYSTERY FLESH PIT NATIONAL PARK - A completely nonexistent national park.𖠪 CONDIMENT MUSEUM - An online museum of condiment packets.𖠪 PLUG AND SOCKET MUSEUM - An online museum of different plugs and sockets.𖠪 MOBILE PHONE MUSEUM - An online museum of all the different cell phone models.𖠪 Museum of Failure - A museum dedicated to failed products and inventions.𖠪 JACKSON POLLOCK - Paint to your hearts content.𖠪 MS PAINT - Miss MS Paint? Me too. Here's an online version.𖠪 WINDOW SWAP - Look out a random person's window.𖠪 TRANSPARENT STICKERS - A bunch of PNGS of stickers. Give the tumblr user credit if you use, though.𖠪 GUESS WHEN THE PHOTO IS FROM? - They give you a photo and you have to guess what time it’s from.𖠪 1000 AWESOME THINGS - A persons list of 1000 awesome things.𖠪 WRITTEN IN STONE - An archive of signatures and pictures that have been written in concrete and sidewalks.𖠪 THAT WEIRD PEPSI DOCUMENT - Yes. It’s the weird logo one.𖠪 ANIMALESE LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR - A translator for Animalese (The language of Animal Crossing.)𖠪 KILLED BY GOOGLE - All of the products and services that have been axed at Google.𖠪 THE LIFE AND DEATH OF AN INTERNET ONION - A beautiful and terrible story.𖠪 MR WONG’S HOUSE - The longest website in the world.𖠪 WELCOME TO DREAM WIKI - Weird as shit. Good luck.𖠪 SLIDESHARE GEMS - Some silly and truly unhinged Slideshare screenshots.𖠪 SEROTONIN PHOBIA - A very weird site.𖠪 TIME CUBE - An even weirder site.𖠪 USELESS WEB - It takes you to a useless website.𖠪 KRAFT SINGLE - Just click on it.𖠪 CROUTON - My beloved.𖠪 WILL IT DOOM? - Yes.𖠪 ROING - He's so friend shaped.𖠪 BIG RAT - Big chongus.𖠪 CHICKEN - Chicken, chicken, chicken.𖠪 wildbread pictures - Some dude who is documenting every time he sees bread in the street.𖠪 - Make your own terrible Ace attorney game with pngs from the game.𖠪 Found in a library book - The oakland library documents weird shit they find in returned library books.𖠪Torrenting 101 - Learn how to torrent work.
𖠪Apple Rankings - shit gets heated in the apple fandom.
𖠪 Perpetual Stew - For 30 something days, a neighborhood in New York City made a perpetual stew. I'm pretty sure some of them ended up in the hospital.𖠪 Obsolete Sounds - A person has been archiving obsolete sounds from around the world.𖠪 Chicken on a raft - Fuck yeah. Chicken on a raft.



𖠪 RADIO GARDEN - Listen to any radio station all over the world.𖠪 WEIRD WAVES - A collection of audio dramas from the 20th century.𖠪Plaza One - A vaporwave radio station𖠪 DRIVE AND LISTEN - Pick anywhere and listen to the local radio from that city.𖠪 TREE FM - Listen to any forest in the world.𖠪 WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I LISTEN TO NOW? - Put in an artist or song, get recommendations back.𖠪 EVERY NOISE - A map of all music genres.𖠪 DAMN SKIPPY - The entire track of Damn Skippy by Lemon Demon.𖠪 POOL SUITE - A really cool radio station.𖠪 WEB AMP - Another cool radio station.𖠪 ALBUM OF THE DAY - It's the album of the day.


𖠪 CANNIBAL THE MUSICAL - A copy of Trey Parker's college musical project about Alfred Packer, the "Colorado Cannibal."𖠪 OLD HOLLYWOOD BLOOPERS - Since film was expensive, it's hard to find bloopers, so enjoy.𖠪 BAD 80's SLASHER FILMS - A playlist of all the terrible 80's slasher films.𖠪 TOONAMI AFTERMATH - Watch all the old Toonami cartoons.𖠪 DREAM DOORS - A collection of movies from the 60's - 90's .𖠪 MST3K DARK DUNGEONS - Not a video, but references two weird cult works of media.𖠪 BLACK FILM ARCHIVE - A wonderful site that has archived black media.𖠪 DECADE TELEVISION - Watch television shows from the 50's to the 2000's. It's set to the 90's right now.𖠪 DOCUMENTARIES - An entire archive of docs to watch for free.𖠪 FILM COLORS - The old colors they used in old film sets and lights.𖠪 LUPIN THE THIRD ARCHIVE - My absolute favorite anime ever. All the movies and television shows from the last 50 years.𖠪 INDIE MOVIE ARCHIVE - A list of movies that are probably not on streaming.


𖠪 3ds hacks guide - A way to customize your 3ds.𖠪 SOLITAIRE - You can play solitaire.𖠪 THE UNCLE WHO WORKS FOR NINTENDO - A horror game about a sleepover where the uncle works for Nintendo.𖠪 KYLE IS FAMOUS - I can't explain this game if I wanted to. It's fun, it's stupid, it's fucking something.𖠪 PEPSI PASS - Did you want a game that takes the idea of Crystal Pepsi and the Oregon Trail and mixes them together? It's been made. It's right here.𖠪 INFINITE DRIVING SIMULATOR - No traffic, no obstacles, just driving.𖠪 PINBALL - The old desktop pinball.𖠪 THE WIKIPEDIA GAME - Can you connect two Wikipedia articles in the smallest number of clicks?𖠪 VAMPIRES - A game where you're a vampire. Very fun and addictive.𖠪 DESKTOP GOOSE - It's a goose that messes up your desktop.𖠪 FANFIC GAME - Everyone takes turns trying to write a cohesive fan fiction together.𖠪 WHAT’S YOUR GENDER - A game about figuring out your gender.𖠪 LOOKOUTS - When two trans masc cowboys meet in the desert at night, a romance blooms.𖠪 IS IT THAT DEEP BRO? - Two boys go to see a movie.𖠪 FAKE NEWS GAME - How good are you at spotting fake news? Let’s find out.𖠪 LIBRARY OF BABEL - A game about the Tower of Babel.𖠪 Vimm - A site archiving games from all different formats and consoles to play on your computer.𖠪 Disco Elysium game bible - Really informative and cool.𖠪 CUTTING ROOM FLOOR - A website dedicated to finding lost video game media that didn't make the final cut.



𖠪 ZINE RESOURCES - A bunch of zine resources from Brattyxbre𖠪 AN ONLINE ZINE TEMPLATE - A wonderful resource for making zine online.𖠪 ELECTRIC ZINE MAKER - Another online zine maker.𖠪 SNAIL LEGS ZINES - A cute collection of zines by Snail legs. Their art style is adorable.𖠪 ZINE LIBRARY - A digital library of zines.𖠪 QUEER ZINE ARCHIVE - An archive of queer zines.𖠪 BLACK ZINE ARCHIVE - An archive of zines by black creators.𖠪 ANTI CAPITALIST ZINES - An archive of free political zines.𖠪 ZINE IDEA GENERATOR - A random way to find your next zine topic.𖠪 DIY ZINES - A good resource for making your own zines.𖠪 ZINE LIBRARY FROM BARNARD - Another great place to find zines.𖠪 KURT COBAIN IS SECRETLY LACTOSE INTOLERANT ZINE - I don’t know why someone made this, but they did.𖠪 I’M MAKING THIS BECAUSE A COMPUTER CAN’T - A zine about AI.𖠪 Zine book - A treasure trove of zine resources and free zines.𖠪 Archive Zines - A bunch of scans of older zines from the Internet Archive.𖠪 Solarpunk Zines - Some really interesting zines.𖠪 All Sorta Zines Collection - This amazing person scanned their zines so everyone can enjoy them.𖠪 More Scanned Zines - We love seeing great zines.𖠪 Rocktober Magazine Scans - A fun rock and roll magazine from the 80's and 90's


𖠪 COMICS CHRONICLE - Comics on politics and current events.𖠪 WEB COMIC RING - An archive of webcomics.𖠪 THE GLASS SCIENTISTS - Sci Fi comic about mad scientists in Victorian London.𖠪 BLACKOUT CITY - Another Sci Fi comic about a detective in a cyber future searching for a missing person,𖠪 CHILLI THE VAMPIRE OPOSSUM - Exactly what the title says.𖠪 SUPERPOSE - A Sci Fi comic about changing the future and physics.𖠪 GOLD SCISSORS - A comic about dreams.𖠪 SEA OF CURSES - This one is new and I don’t really know how to describe it, but I really like it so far and the art is amazing.𖠪 17776 - The first webcomic that I came across in high school. It's still hilarious after all this time.𖠪 THERE'S SIX GUYS WHO LIVE IN THIS FLAT - Probably the weirdest thing I've ever read.


𖠪 HORROR SHORT STORIES- Literally all the horror short stories you could want.𖠪 PUDDING - A news site about whatever writers want to write about.𖠪 READ SOMETHING INTERESTING - A news site with fun articles.𖠪 THE NEW INQUIRY - Another news site with fun and interesting articles.𖠪 PUBLIC DOMAIN REVIEW - A bunch of reviews for public domain books.𖠪 POE MASTER LIST - All of Edgar Allen Poe’s works.𖠪 GUTENBERG - All the PDFS of public domain books you could want.𖠪 NEU JORKER - A satirical look at The New Yorker.𖠪 FOUND MAGAZINE - A weird publication. Don’t really know how to explain it𖠪 HACKER NEWS - News about the internet and things.𖠪 Weird fiction - A bunch of fiction books that are weird.𖠪 A book like foo - Put in a book you like and it'll spit out more that are like that.𖠪 The Literary bisexual - A bunch of books written by bi authors.𖠪 the anarchist library - A bunch of articles about anarchy.


𖠪 GOBLIN MANIFESTO - It's the Goblin Manifesto.𖠪 YOU SHOULD MAKE ART - Make art!𖠪 YESTERWEB'S RECLAIMING THE INTERNET MANOFESTO - The internet is a soulless hellscape. Take it back.𖠪 FIGHTING AGAINST A INCREASINGLY HOSTILE WEB - The web now isn't for me and you. Let's dismantle it and change it back.𖠪 YOUR DIGITAL WELLBEING - TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF ONLINE𖠪 RECLAIMING ONLINE SPACES MANIFESTO - The internet is terrible now. The members of the internet need to change it so it is.𖠪 GOOD NEWS. THE INTERNET AS WE KNOW IT MIGHT BE DOOMED - Capitalism has destroyed the places we hold most dear.


𖠪 WRITING RESOURCES - A list of resources I've compiled about novel writing, screenwriting, and poetry.𖠪 WRITING FANFIC GUIDE - Just as it sounds.𖠪 MAKE UP NEW WORDS - Make up new words𖠪 DICTIONARY OF UNUSUAL WORDS - Maybe you can sound like a Victorian orphan? Who knows?𖠪 TIP OF MY TONGUE - A dictionary for when you've forgotten a word.𖠪 ETYMOLOGY ONLINE - A dictionary but if you needed to look up what a words origin is.𖠪 Postcrossing - Send postcards to random people and get one back.





𖠪 I Grant You Refuge - Hiba Abu Nada
𖠪 Not Just Passing - Hiba Abu Nada
𖠪 If I Must Die - Refaat Alareer
𖠪 Fuck Your Lecture on Craft, My People Are Dying - Noor Hindi
𖠪 Calm Day - Ghassan Zaqtan
𖠪 Palestine -Navakanta Barua
𖠪 War Machines Dress Up as Drag Queens - Mohammed El-Kurd
𖠪 Oh Rascal Children of Gaza - Khaled Juma
𖠪 In Jerusalem - Mahmoud Darwish


𖠪 MOUNTAIN DEW COMMERCIAL DISGUISED AS A LOVE POEM - Matthew Olzmann𖠪 ALL MY FRIENDS ARE FINDING NEW BELIEFS - Christian Wiman𖠪 TWO HEADED CALF - LAURA GILPIN𖠪 THE HILL WE CLIMB - AMANDA GORMAN𖠪 The Mothman Pronounces Appalachia - Robert Wood Lynn𖠪 Invisible Fish - Joy Harjo𖠪 How to Watch Your Brother Die - Michael Lassell𖠪 My Dead Friends - Marie Howe𖠪 The Author Writes The First Draft of His Wedding Vows - HANIF WILLIS-ABDURRAQUIB𖠪 July in Appalachia - Keaton st. james𖠪 14 Lines From Love Letters or Suicide Notes - David Luben𖠪 The Orange - Wendy Cope

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February's Book:


First thoughts coming soon


𖠪 Convienience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata - January '24
𖠪 Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin - February '24







I've been watching Scooby Doo since I was one years old. I've seen every single movie and episode I can get my hands on, most of them multiple times.What makes Scooby Doo so charming after 23 years is the friendship that the gang has for each other. Each character brings their own style and fun to the show. What certain adaptations, *cough velma cough get wrong is that the gang don't turn on each other. They are ride of die best friends.

Daphne is an underrated character in my opinion. While she started out as danger prone Daphne, and in some cases, still is, she is just as smart at solving mysteries as the rest of them. She's there to kick some monster butt and look good while doing it. Her wide range of talents and skills come in handy when stuck in a trap .Favorite Line:

ShaggyFavorite Lines:

Drawing by @thetalkingcow on Tumblr

Fred is a golden retriever of a human being. His himboness cannot be contained. He just drives the van and makes traps. He cares about his friends. Even when Daphne is flirting with him, he still wants to respect their friendship. Frank Welker plays him with a heart of gold and a childlike wonder that makes him so likeable.Favorite Line:"Come back here and fight me like a man, you vegetable."

VELMAFavorite Lines:

Scooby DooFavorite Lines:




Scooby Movie of the month


Jonathan harker: the original himbo


Favorite Fanart





I can’t tell you the last time I cried in my used 2011 Honda CRV with artsy bumper stickers and stuffed animal keychains hanging from the rearview mirror, but it is always the most cathartic feeling in the world.

Nothing else matters, just me. When I cry, I like to listen to love songs. Somehow Otis Redding and Etta James’s voices soothe me. Most of the time, it’s a rotation of many different genres. I never can stick to one style, but that’s probably my ADHD speaking.

I like the background noise to cover up my sobs. Most of the time while I’m actually driving, I can’t decipher the lyrics, I’m too focused on not trying to crash into the car in front of me. Trust me, in Georgia, that’s a task easier said than done. The number of accidents I have almost been in is staggering.

It was more than likely in a Target parking lot. I’m white, so the appeal of Target is ingrained in my bones. I can’t pass up a good deal on pants, and they have the best selection of plant burgers, one of the only proteins I can eat.

I wear my large black sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes, and I have light sensitivity (remember, ultra-white.). The lenses get fogged up anyway, and I constantly have to wipe them off. If you’re wondering, yes, the sunglasses are from Target, and I won’t apologize for that.

I cry at almost everything. I’m a really sensitive person. Something I have been told to get over from parents, friends, teachers, and unsolicited advice givers at clothing stores. I never have and I don’t think I ever will. Sensitivity will always be my brand.

I like to think that if I was a fictional character, I would probably be Paddington, one so I could rock that awesome fit he wears, and because no matter what happens, his heart is kind, and he treats people with love. Real talk, Paddington 2 is my favorite movie. I watch it when I get sad about the state of the world, and Paddington’s Aunt Lucy, go off, instilled in that little bear a mantra I live by, “If people are kind and polite, the world will be right.” At least once a week, my heart feels so big that it sometimes gives me anxiety like it’s going to burst out of my chest, but with my family’s history of heart disease, I hope it comes later.

Honestly, if someone wrote a book on my life, it really should have been titled, “All the places I’ve cried at and everyone who has said one thing that makes me spiral for two weeks”, but I’m pretty sure publishers would kill that person.

So, I’m sitting there in my car, having my one-man pity party about my future or the fucking large-ass book I had to read for television history (it was 600 pages of textbook with a ten-point font. Thanks, Professor Auer.) when I get a discord message. It’s my roommate, Natalie.

“Hey, can you pick me up from the Illustration Hall? The closest bus is an hour away.”

“Sure! Be there in a sec.”

So, I wipe my eyes dry, turn on a driving playlist through my aux cord (also from Target), crank the volume up, and drive off. I pick up Natalie and we go back to our dorm with a shitty kitchen and humidity problem.

Back to our other roommate, Madysen, and her blind cat, Megumin, and to our unofficial fifth roommate, Isabella, who basically lived with us. I didn’t even remember what I was sad about. Don’t worry, it’ll come to haunt me that night when I try and sleep for the rest of my life.

Here’s to everything; laid out like the soggy cheese on a charcuterie board at a party I wasn’t invited to. For the kids with undiagnosed ADHD, the kids who have places they embarrassed themselves at and never go back to, and the kids who didn’t think they’d make it past 18.

Oops. I guess I got to figure shit out now.


I write for five year old Finnialla, who insisted that the DJ plays All Star by Smash Mouth at their mother's wedding because it was one of their favorite songs. They remember laughing; spinning around and scraping their knees when they get too dizzy and fell over.

I write for eleven-year-old Finnialla who couldn’t bring themselves to die yet, even though they felt like it needed to happen. Someone has to fight for their life, even if it’s more than a decade after they called out for help, and no one wanted to answer.

I write for sixteen-year-old high school junior Finnialla who got dumped at prom by her last-minute theater nerd date so he could go with their best friend. They need to know that it gets better than crying in their prom dress in the Denver Aquarium bathroom when they saw the two of them walk in and pose for pictures together, watching him kiss their friend on the cheek.

I write for twenty-three-year-old Finnialla, who dreams of using their dramatic writing degree to make their mom proud and piss off their dad and justify the hefty price tag their grandparents paid so they could go to a literal art school.

I write for me.

I often ask myself, why is the world so loud and unforgiving?

From the time I was little, I dreamed up stories in my head. The ones where there’s a lot of adventure, with crazy scenarios that would never happen to me. Living in a faraway time or walking the red carpet with my crushes from films I watched over and over. Fighting for a damsel in distress, jet setting around the world, and being home in time for dinner.

Anywhere but where I was, which wasn’t great.

Critics can be real assholes, but I’ve learned to ignore them. It was teaching myself to not look at the comments was the hardest thing for me. My stories ground me to a reality, one where the world is a little nicer, a little less ran by normal people.

Art should be for the people. Art should be for me, and it never felt like it was. Behind a glass case or velvet rope. I want to eat the oil paintings and dirty the finish on statues. I want someone to watch my work and feel inspired to be themselves. Hiding parts of myself has never been my style.

My autism and ADHD diagnosis didn’t come until I was an adult. I guess it made sense. Everything else about me did. I wasn’t a gender, wasn’t mentally all together, and shuffling my feet about graduating from art school.

I guess I write work for weirdos like me. I never could be normal, even if I tried.
Journal coming soon
Journal coming soon












Why is It called Tannenbaum?

I bought ACNH conveniently when I bought my first switch, (A switch lite before my senior year in college). I had saved enough money for two years and got it a week after Christmas.Tannenbaum is German for Christmas tree. It's also part of the famous song, O Tannenbaum. I had just re watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and a jazz instrumental of the song plays. I loved the name and chose it.




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